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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The beginnings of a great author?

My family moved to a new house back in April, and we (having been quite busy since then and being a family of packrats) are still unpacking boxes. Today my mom came across a short story that I apparently wrote at the tender age of six. She read it out loud to my dad, brother and myself, and by the end we were all giggling. There was no puncuation, the handwriting is terrible, and the spelling is atrocious. Nevertheless, I found it too amusing not to share with you guys. I'm going to type it up twice--first as it was written, bad grammar and all, then with my interpritation of what my sweet, six-year-old self was trying to get across. :P Enjoy!

Once apon a time a girl got lost she crid then i came who are you im your troubl fader! What she said troubl fader i dotnot undrstand siad the girl a troublfader is someane who makes yor trobls fadaway. i like you but How can you get me home i can how she siad youl see she siad good bie and the girl was home one day poof troublfader siad the girl i came to tell you im going to die as soon as the girl hrd that she crid her hrat out thers nothing i can do she siad the girl dsidid to have a fowerl no one else new wat a troubl fader was but thay all crid and crid and crid AND CRID
the end

MY STORY...the translation
Once upon a time a girl got lost. She cried. Then I came.
"Who are you?"
"I'm your trouble fader!"
"What?" she said.
"Trouble fader!"
"I do not understand," said the girl.
"A trouble fader is someone who makes your troubles fade away."
"I like you, but how can you get me home?"
"I can."
"How?" she said.
"You'll see," she said. "Good bye!" And the girl was home.
One day, POOF!
"Trouble fader!" said the girl.
"I came to tell you I'm going to die."
As soon as the girl heard that, she cried her heart out.
"There's nothing I can do," she said.
The girl decided to have a funeral. No one else knew what a trouble fader was, but they all cried and cried and cried and cried AND CRIED.
The end!

...Right. So, first of all, let me point out that this isn't an indication of some deep psychological torment I went through as a six-year-old. I swear. :P I know I had a huge love for fairies at that age--I wanted to be a fairy child really badly--so I imagine that the mysterious "Trouble Fader" was yet another iteration of my fairy obsession. I also seem to recall that I told a lot of sad stories as a little girl...kind of ironic, considering that I write mostly happy stories now.
Maybe one of these days I should write an updated version of this. You think? :P If I do, I'll be sure to post it on here.